51 Phantoms

Are you a North Mississippi Allstars fan? Then you are invited to join the family of Phantoms street teamers who distribute posters and handbills at live shows or help with other promotions for NMA shows and releases.

The Phantoms are the key to NMA’s success! Please understand that offering to help out with the Allstars is an IMPORTANT job and a responsibility we take SERIOUSLY. If you do not have time to hang posters in key, visible locations, distribute handbills at other shows in your area before the band arrives, or to help out at the show/event, then this job is probably not for you. However, if you do have the time and this sounds like fun then read on!


What WE will do:

If you are promoting a headlining Allstars show you will receive one spot on the guest-list to that show, provided you do the following.

What YOU will do:

Join the NMA message board Phantoms group to communicate and coordinate efforts with your fellow street teamers.

Hand out promotional materials in your area:

Shows/Events: One of the best places to distribute handbills is at other rock, jam or blues shows in your area. Check www.pollstar.com andwww.jambase.com to find these events. You can also place handbills inside these venues if you received permission.

Gathering Places: Distribute posters and place handbills on college campuses, at record stores, coffee shops, head shops, bars, and other places where music fans frequently visit. Please be aware of local ordinances regarding postering in public places and ask store owners for permission before placing anything in their store.

Create a positive buzz surrounding the band and upcoming shows/events:

Word-of-mouth goes a long way in promoting the Allstars. Just talking about NMA and their upcoming shows with your friends introduces new listeners to the community.

Internet chat groups or websites are another great way to help get the word out to the regional music community.

Trading music is another way to introduce people to the band. We’re happy to have the music being traded, but understand that the live shows are for trading or giveaway purposes only. Please respect the band – do not sell their shows.

Fill out our Feedback Form that requests the following:

The name and location where you posted flyers or passed out handbills.

Information about the media outlets in your market.

A list of any local press/advertising you notice for the band/show/event.

Market Leader:

For each show we need a market leader who can take on additional responsibilities. To reward the additional effort you will be given two tickets to the upcoming show. Market Leaders need to:

  •   If you are interested in this position please email nma@7smgmt.com with the info requested below and “MLeader” in the subject when you reply.
  • Coordinate the promotional efforts of the Phantoms in your area to ensure that you are flyering all the important spots and shows in town.
  •   Gather mailing list names at the show between the door time and the time the show begins.

Sign Me Up!

If you have read all of the above information and you are interested in the position, please send all of the following information to nma@7smgmt.com:

If you email us with an offer to help out, expect to hear back in about 5 days with details as to how you can be of assistance to the band.

We couldn’t do it without your help, thank you all for your continued support! Let’s spread the North Mississippi Allstar love!

  • Show/event date and location for which you would like to help.
  • Your drive time to the show.
  • Your full name and mailing address (so that we can send you posters).
  • Phone number where you can be reached during the day.