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Hambone’s Meditations Special Offer

Luther’s acoustic instrumental Hambone’s Meditations is available now for the special low price of $8.99 online and $7.99 in Best Buy stores.

“Dickinson the guitarist, the composer and the student are all on display on this accomplished recording” said Tom Speed of Honest Tune, “Within the nooks and crannies of the compositions here, there is great heart in this loving tribute to the many fellow maestros who have come before him.”

This offer expires on June 16th, so purchase your copy now!

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    Lukasz says:

    Hello, when i can find first part of “Mississippi Folk Music Volume II.” ? I found info: “The music of John Fahey comes to mind when listening to “Hambone’s Meditations,” which is subtitled “Mississippi Folk Music Volume II.” (Volume I was a North Mississippi Allstars album sold via the band’s website.) ”

    So whee i can find it?

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