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Luther Dickinson and The Wandering

Luther Dickinson and The Wandering are excited to announce they will be performing at this year’s DelFest happening May 24-27 in Cumberland, MD. Along with Luther, The Wandering features a collection of talented musicians including Shannon McNally, Amy Lavere, Valerie June, and Sharde Thomas. Their debut album entitled Go On Now, You Can’t Stay Here will be released on May 8th. Luther will perform 2 sets at the festival, one solo and one as part of The Wandering.

Tickets for DelFest are on sale now. Get more details and the complete lineup at

3 Replies to Luther Dickinson and The Wandering

  1. 1.
    Kit says:

    Saw the show at the new Old Town School of Folk Music’s Maurer Hall. You electrified the acoustic palace! The encore with Alvin was awesome! Come back soon! We love you here in Chicago!

  2. 2.
    Robert Rader says:

    I was honored to witness the birth of a band. What a stage full of talent….looking forward to much more!

  3. 3.
    Mike says:

    Hi Luther,
    i´m listenening to “The Wandering – Mississippe Folk Music Volume Three”. Taht´s my music!!! Is there a volume one and two also available? I hope so.


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